Quest Partners assists mid-sized and small companies and family offices internationally with advice and support on financial, investment, M&A and corporate matters.


hen we founded Quest Partners in 2000, our vision was to be an outstanding source of guidance to clients internationally. We have since helped clients across many industries navigate significant challenges and reach a variety of objectives.

Using a disciplined approach, and informed by our extensive experience and strong analysis, we offer well-rounded, creative advice and services to clients. We navigate the waters, weather the storms and enjoy lasting relationships with our clients.

Quest Partners SA is the sister company of Quest Partners Ltd in Toronto.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise on mergers, acquisitions, reverse takeovers, divestitures and joint ventures. We assist on either the buy or sell side. While remaining independent, we can syndicate acquisitions with added-value investors.

Merchant Banking

Our focus is on principal investments and private equity. Our client sectors have included financial services, luxury goods, construction, micro-mechanic and industrial equipment.

Advisory & Finance

We assist with strategy, succession planning, expansion planning, financial and operational restructuring, and debt and equity financing. In many situations, we perform valuations and provide fairness opinions for our clients.

We Take You From Strategy Through Execution

While we engage primarily in principal investment activities and private equity matters, we also assist with strategic planning, expansion planning, valuation, M&A, capital restructurings, corporate turnarounds and corporate finance. In M&A and corporate finance transactions, we act as an advisor and/or a principal investor, with a focus on balance sheet and cash flow optimization through restructuring or expansion. We are most active in the real estate, industrial, technology, financial services and luxury goods sectors, serving entrepreneurs, SMEs, family offices and financial institutions.

Our approach is to develop a complete understanding of our client’s business and competitive landscape. We examine all the issues that could influence the success of the outcome, from geographic locations, regulations, taxes and corporate structure to capital requirements, human resources, timelines, risks, budgets, assumptions and exit strategies. In our international work, we frequently help our clients understand unfamiliar cultures, laws, taxes and other business aspects.

There is One Direction on Our Compass: Value for Our Clients

To date, we have executed more than 200 transactions and advisory assignments. Of these, 185 are equity and debt transactions valued at almost CHF 2 billion.

Engaging our own financial resources and through our holding company Quest Participations, we have completed seven principal investments in Swiss industrial, financial services and lifestyle companies; five had realized exits with an over 40% internal rate of return.

As appropriate, Quest Partners takes operational roles within its invested companies. Industries in which we have invested include financial services, luxury goods, construction, micro-mechanic and industrial equipment.

The Q in our logo represents the sail on the Bluenose, the celebrated Nova Scotia fishing and racing schooner built in 1921. The schooner is popular on both sides of the Atlantic for its agility, and epitomizes our approach.